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List of services available by countries

Company formation

Czech Republic 15,900 CZK
Slovakia Tax registration VAT registration 490 EUR
Hungary Tax registration VAT registration 1,190 EUR
United Kingdom 1,290 EUR
Cyprus On request
Delaware 1,190 EUR
Florida 1,190 EUR
Nevada 1,190 EUR
Oregon 1,190 EUR
Wyoming 1,190 EUR
Seychelles 1,090 EUR
Hong Kong 2,590 EUR

Ready-made company

Czech Republic 17,900 CZK
Slovakia 750 EUR
Poland Tax registration VAT registration 1,990 EUR

Registration office

Czech Republic 159 CZK
Hungary 330 EUR
Poland On request


Czech Republic Opening bank accounts On-line banking On request


Czech Republic On request

Virtual office

Hungary On request

Fulmira is a search engine focused on companies operating in the field of sale of ready-made and offshore companies as well as related services - bookkeeping, nominee services, virtual offices, banking.
Contact: FULMIRA LIMITED, Faneromenis 145, Patsias Court, 1 st floor, Flat/Office 102, 6031 Larnaca, Cyprus

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