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List of services available by countries

Company formation

Albania Nominee services 2,100 EUR
Anguilla Nominee services 1,900 USD
Australia Nominee services 1,290 USD
The Bahamas Nominee services 2,700 USD
Barbados Nominee services 4,500 USD
Belgium Nominee services 2,850 EUR
Belize Nominee services 1,800 USD
Belarus Nominee services 2,100 EUR
British Virgin Islands Nominee services 1,550 USD
Bulgaria Nominee services 2,400 EUR
Montenegro Nominee services 2,050 EUR
Czech Republic Nominee services 2,860 EUR
Croatia Nominee services 4,100 EUR
Denmark Nominee services 5,100 EUR
Delaware Nominee services 1,590 USD
Commonwealth of Dominica Nominee services 1,900 USD
Dubai Nominee services 7,150 USD
Estonia Nominee services 12,400 EUR
Finland Nominee services 5,900 EUR
France Nominee services 4,100 EUR
Gibraltar Nominee services 2,650 EUR
Georgia Nominee services 2,300 EUR
Hong Kong Nominee services 2,350 USD
India Nominee services 3,100 USD
Indonesia Nominee services 8,650 USD
Republic of Ireland Nominee services 1,935 EUR
Iceland Nominee services 8,900 EUR
Italy Nominee services 5,650 EUR
Jersey Nominee services On request
Cayman Islands Nominee services 3,500 USD
Canada Nominee services 2,100 USD
Cyprus Nominee services 4,500 EUR
Liechtenstein Nominee services 27,750 EUR
Lithuania Nominee services 3,250 EUR
Latvia Nominee services 1,600 EUR
Luxembourg Nominee services 13,600 EUR
Hungary Nominee services 2,100 EUR
Macedonia Nominee services 8,725 EUR
Malaysia Nominee services 3,830 USD
Malta Nominee services 3,200 EUR
Marshall Islands Nominee services 1,850 USD
Germany Nominee services 5,300 EUR
Netherlands Nominee services 8,990 EUR
Norway Nominee services 7,660 EUR
New Zealand Nominee services On request
Isle of Man Nominee services On request
Pakistan Nominee services On request
Panama Nominee services 1,100 USD
Poland Nominee services 2,850 EUR
Portugal Nominee services 4,900 EUR
Austria Nominee services 6,400 EUR
Ras Al Khaymah Nominee services 3,550 USD
Greece Nominee services 4,400 EUR
Romania Nominee services 2,600 EUR
Russia Nominee services 6,500 USD
Seychelles Nominee services 1,850 USD
Singapore Nominee services 2,100 USD
Slovakia Nominee services 2,450 EUR
Slovenia Nominee services 2,100 EUR
Spain Nominee services 3,519 EUR
Sweden Nominee services 3,350 EUR
Switzerland Nominee services 9,400 EUR
Turkey Nominee services 3,900 EUR
Ukraine Nominee services 6,550 USD
United Kingdom Nominee services 1,900 EUR

Virtual office

Albania On request
Anguilla On request
Australia On request
The Bahamas On request
Barbados On request
Belgium On request
Belize On request
Belarus On request
British Virgin Islands On request
Bulgaria On request
Montenegro On request
Czech Republic On request
Croatia On request
Denmark On request
Delaware On request
Commonwealth of Dominica On request
Dubai On request
Estonia On request
Finland On request
France On request
Gibraltar On request
Georgia On request
Hong Kong On request
India On request
Indonesia On request
Republic of Ireland On request
Iceland On request
Italy On request
Jersey On request
Cayman Islands On request
Canada On request
Cyprus On request
Liechtenstein On request
Lithuania On request
Latvia On request
Luxembourg On request
Hungary On request
Macedonia On request
Malaysia On request
Malta On request
Marshall Islands On request
Germany On request
Netherlands On request
Norway On request
New Zealand On request
Isle of Man On request
Pakistan On request
Panama On request
Poland On request
Portugal On request
Austria On request
Ras Al Khaymah On request
Greece On request
Romania On request
Russia On request
Seychelles On request
Singapore On request
Slovakia On request
Slovenia On request
Spain On request
Sweden On request
Switzerland On request
Turkey On request
Ukraine On request
United Kingdom On request


Australia Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Hong Kong Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Indonesia Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Japan Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Malaysia Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Singapore Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Switzerland Opening bank accounts 3,950 USD
Jersey Opening bank accounts 2,950 USD
Cyprus Opening bank accounts 2,950 USD
Latvia Opening bank accounts 2,950 USD
Dubai Opening bank accounts 4,950 USD

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